Photo Gallery

Past Events

Discussing ISIS: Roots and Consequences of Violent Movements in the Levant – January 23rd 2015

Poster by Moska Rokay
Pictures by Haseeb Hassaan


ISIS Event 1 ISIS Event 3 ISIS Event 4 ISIS Event 5

Women and Revolution in the Middle East Roundtable – November 25th 2014

Roundtable Poster Final-page1

image image1

image (1) image (3)


Afternoon Bazaar and Tea House – November 13th 2014

Photos by Catharine Mansouri
Poster by Sharon Mizbani

NMCSU Bazaar Poster

Bazaar image 1   bazaar 4   bazaar 7 

 Bazaar 3     bazaar 5     

 Bazaar image 2    bazaar 6


Our Lounge

4 Bancroft Avenue, Room 207

NMCSU Lounge 2      NMCSU Lounge

NMCSU Lounge

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